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prezzo colorazione pavimento in cemento

Colour stained concrete floors. Give a decorative touch to your old concrete floor!

We’re one of the few companies that supply staining services on concrete flooring, satisfying our clients’ colour preferences. Color staining is one of the characterstics typical of spaces where uniqueness and customisation are important. That is the case of supermarkets, showrooms, retail stores and commercial properties. Our staining service offers the option to apply any colour tone, adding additional customisation solutions such as prints and company logos application.


How much does a concrete floor colour staining service cost?

Rates of colour staining services vary from a minimum of 5 €/sqm to a maximum of 10 €/sqm, according to the area involved and its layout. A detailed quotation is made in case of prints and logos.


If you're interested in our rates for grinding and polishing services, color staining or design printing on concrete flooring, don't hesitate to contact us. We'll soon reply with a detailed quotation according to your requirements.