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Which are the benefits of a polished concrete floor?

Our mission is to bring your concrete flooring back to life, thanks to our polishing services. This processing has uncountable benefits, such as brilliant appearance, easy maintenance and resistance to wear. For many years, concrete flooring was the ideal solution for industrial facilities, as it’s resistant to heavy duty traffic and to marks caused by objects accidentally fallen. Nowadays, after many years since its original application, most concrete floors present marks and worn out divots, which make them look unhygienic, hard to clean and unappealing.

Discover here the 10 main benefits of a perfectly polished concrete floor.

A grinding and polishing processing on concrete flooring gives uncountable benefits, not only aesthetically, but especially from a practical and cost-saving point of view. Let’s see them.

It’s anti scratch

After grinding, restored or new concrete floors achieve an incredible, long-lasting increased hardness, which makes the surface resistant to marks and to heavy duty traffic. On the contrary, epoxy systems and coatings don’t provide the same results, as these solutions happen to be less resistant to forklifts or other working machineries. Most of the time, epoxy systems, resins and coatings initially give a remarkable aesthetic effect, but after a few weeks clients will be disillusioned. A grinding processing and the following polishing process blend with the floor to form ‘a single unit’. Our polishing service ensures many lifespan benefits, from durability to effectiveness of the economical investment.

More resistant

Thanks to our polishing service, concrete floors achieve a better resistance to heavy duty traffic. Forklifts and pallet jacks will acquire better control and more adherence to the surface during operations. Furthermore, no scratches and tire marks will be visible on the surface.



Transforming an old, scratched and discoloured surface into a new, uniformly coloured floor, refurbished by the polishing process, is much more economically effective than any other solution. Wax application, resins and coatings won’t be as durable as a polishing treatment.
An additional, economic benefit is that cleaning costs will decrease; after the final polishing step, the floor won’t harbor dirt anymore and its cleaning procedure will become faster.


After our polishing processing, you floor becomes dust-free. The hardener applied during treatment gives increased abrasion resistance – up to eight times more than plain concrete.

Oil and grease resistant

After the grinding treatment, the floor is sealed and becones impermeable to external agents such as oils, grease, lubricants, lacquers, and resistant to tyre marks.

vantaggi lucidatura pavimento cemento

Colour stain application

Flooring is brought back to life thanks to the colour customisation. A decorative look can be added, such as the company logo or any type of design. The color dye fills the floor in its thickness, blending with the surface and creating a one-piece element through its reaction with the so-called concrete grains. On the contrary, resin-based treatments and epoxy systems cover the surface by creating a surface film, which in time gets scratched until it ultimately peels off.

Improvement of the space value

A full polishing service improves the economic value of old and new buildings, bringing an added value to the space. This positive effect is extended to any kind of space where polishing is applied: offices, facilities, supermarkets, cellars, car parks, airports, schools, showrooms, residential spaces or simply logistics warehouses. Projects.

Easy to clean

After the consolidation step is completed, the floor is easier to preserve and clean, as well as less expensive in terms of maintenance. A grinded and polished flooring needs a fifth of the time employed to clean a non-treated floor.

vantaggi lucidatura pavimento cemento


A treated flooring becomes even, harder, and grinded. The surface will not let any liquid penetrate and the air quality will be improved. Germs and bacteria removal will be quicker.


The polishing process doesn’t require polluting agents and chemicals, which on the contrary are applied to epoxy systems, lacquers, or other toxic products that would harm people’s health. Concrete polishing is a service that protects the environment and reduces the impact of pollution. It’s a sustainable solution, both for public and industrial spaces.


If you're interested in our rates for grinding and polishing services, color staining or design printing on concrete flooring, don't hesitate to contact us. We'll soon reply with a detailed quotation according to your requirements.