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Professional experience and technical know-how on concrete floor polishing and innovative grinding method.


We’ve operated in the construction field for over 30 years; since 2013 we’ve specialized in concrete floor renovation, grinding and polishing services. Our sites are currently operating in several regions of Italy, such as Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Lombardia. The polishing process is becoming an increasingly interesting solution for the renovation of old floors but also for new spaces, where the polishing process migh be an opportunity to have unparalleled benefits in time. Concrete used to be presented in dark and unrelieved colours, but thanks to this new method, concrete flooring can now turn from an old, unpleasant, marked and dusty surface into a perfectly even, extremely resistant, incredibly beautiful and easy to clean floor.



We’ve operated in numerous old and new spaces, applying the polishing process to 48000 sqm area per year. Our professionals are qualified, flexible to work according to all kind of our clients’ requirements and all kind of working method. At the moment we have five professional teams; they adjust their working method according to the context they’re working in: from limited area surfaces, to consistent spaces. We operate on polishing areas of 500 sqm per day.


Our machine range offers systems with different characteristics. From the small one, which has a 240 mm base (planetary) to the biggest machine, measuring 1000 mm diameter. Each machine operates according to the area in question and the conditions of the floor the grinding process is applied to. Our machine range operates on large areas, such as car parks, airports and large scale facilities, as well as on limited spaces.

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If you're interested in our rates for grinding and polishing services, color staining or design printing on concrete flooring, don't hesitate to contact us. We'll soon reply with a detailed quotation according to your requirements.