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We’re pleased and honoured for being chosen to bring a 4500 sqm concrete floor area back to life. Socage company is located in Modena. As you can see from the pictures, the floor was stained, dirty and damaged by long and deep cracks. The client couldn’t keep the flooring clean; a long-lasting and permanent treatment was needed. We completed three grinding steps with special grinding machines; 2mm of superficial concrete was removed, so that uneveness, scratches, marks, and tyre marks were fully erased.

As a second step, we plastered cracks and grouts, followed by a consolidation process which made concrete harder.

Afterwards, we did six polishing steps with resin bonded diamond discs, in progressive grit. The final step, the so-called ‘refining’ filled the concrete pore stucture, which made the underlayer resistant in time, perfectly glossy and brilliant.